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Appendices for Highest Possibility States

A paper copy of the appendices for the ebook of

Highest Possibiltiy States

Click Here for a free PDF of

the PTSD Drill Down and

Drill Up Technique

I got the idea to call triggers of PTSD Pilot Lights from our home furnace system.  Each time our thermostat recognized that our house temperature was not “just right” either the air conditioning or the heating system kicked in. I saw my feelings as the thermostat to what was going on in my mind.  What I didn’t understand for many years is that I could use a drill down process within my mind to find out what had caused such a disregularlity within my system. 

On the next page, you’ll find an example of what questions I ask myself in order to uncover the trigger, as well as how to put coping strategies in place in order to prevent and manage when triggers happy, as well as why it is important to know our triggers and how to manage them. 

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Care Plan

It's not easy to plan for when one's health begins to fail; however, while one's health is still in good condition, it is imperative to have a plan in place so that your wishes will be seen to.  Click the Learn More Button Below to access a free template as well as the Example Button

for well...and example. 

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Step to Take

When a loved one dies

Being prepared (as much as possible) for when a loved one passes, doesn't take the pain or grief away; however, it's one less thing to worry or think about while going through the process, which can bring a little much needed peace and ease during an already difficult time.  Having a checklist and phone tree ready is just one of the many steps one can take make the process a bit easier. Click below for a free template and checklist:

What to do when the lines of communication are closed? 

 Even though conversations can be difficult, it is imperative that they be had so that all parties stay open and so that there is nothing to “clog the pipes” of the relationship. Openflow and communication actually create stronger bonds as trust is reinforced and all the needs of all parties are being met.

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